More Tiny Letters

Dear people who drive ten mph under the speed limit in front of me, and who get highly offended when I try to pass you,

What’s really going on in your life? Just tell me. It must be something rotten to make you do this.

Dear person who invented the loose, airy, wide-leg printed pants (that feel like no pants whatsoever!) that I’m seeing everywhere,

Thank you. I got a pair at Target and I plan to wear them every other day, all summer long. 

Dear mental disability that is turning my Jack into a big, violent, unmanageable person,

I hate you.

Dear family,

Thank you for instantly responding to this text:  

I went from feeling alone to not alone. When I checked my phone in the middle of Costco and saw your texts, I wept. Some guy eyed me warily on the cleaning products aisle. And I bumped into another mom from Charlie’s social skills class. All while I was weeping. Anyway, thank you.

Dear May,

I forget how beautiful you are, with your soft breezes that ruffle the cottonwoods. 

Dear 90 minutes I spent curled up in the armchair in my room this afternoon, avoiding all people and all thinking and all devices,

You restored my will to continue, somehow.

Dear Jack,

I love you.

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