Bringing Up Betty

Last night I did a podcast interview. This was after I asked around to figure out WHAT THE WHAT podcasts are and why they are a thing. And they ARE a thing! I learned that. And then I did one.

I spent a pleasant 45 minutes chatting with Sarah Evans about the ins and outs and what have you’s of parenting special needs little folks. She is preparing to launch a podcast series about special needs families called Bringing Up Betty, named for her two-year-old with a rare disability. I was her first interview. We learned together.

Sarah asked me when and how my children were diagnosed, which is a bit of synchronicity as I have been writing about this very topic recently. I’ve been strolling down the minefield of my memory, looking around at the carnage littering the last decade of my life on earth. I found to my surprise that I can now view this period with less pain and more distance and clarity, with a sort of neutrality that defies the overwrought, emotional mess that I was.

It makes me feel grown up.

I’m interested to hear how the edited interview plays out because

1. I find listening to my own voice a singularly painful thing to do (will I sound gravelly? Husky? Aged? Weird? Please note that if I do, I don’t want to hear about it) and

2. Charlie walked into the room at one point and, hearing a voice coming from the computer, started chanting “I AM A ROBOT,” in a robot-y voice.

Seven-year-olds are great, but seven-year-olds on the autism spectrum are the cat’s pajamas. I’m bringing up boys and it’s kind of fantastic.

P.S. Are you into podcasts? Do tell.

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