Nacho Cheese

It seems I have reached the point in the summer when my mind has separated from my body and has taken to floating around the upper corners of my house. Meanwhile, my automaton self keeps driving people places, cleaning up, and making food.

It’s okay. Though I am kind of brainlessly wandering through my days, I don’t feel completely lunatic as I have in summers past. I just feel disconnected and sleepy. Dutch tells me to cut myself some slack as it is the dog days of summer, to which I say, “yeah.”

With Jack in day camp and Charlie in half-day reading camp, things are moving along at an efficient clip. We are holding steady, we are doing this. But summer days start too early and go on for ever and ever because it never gets dark and my people don’t know how to fall asleep in these conditions. Or how to sleep in when they’ve stayed up too late. I feel like I’m complaining here, which I don’t mean to do.

The facts are:

1. We are doing far better this summer than ever before.

2. For this I am deeply grateful.

3. I’m still tired.

4. There is little time for writing and reading and mulling, which I’ve just realized is the real reason for my ennui. I just need a little uninterrupted Megan Time for the crafting of the sentences.

“Why don’t you write when the kids are in bed?” one might ask.

Because I am hot and lethargic, and after taking off my clothes and brushing my teeth, I lie down on my bed and let the ceiling fan waft cooler air over me. And then I fall asleep before I can start typing, or reading, or even finishing the third season of Call the Midwife.

Dutch had a companion way back in the Georgia, Hotlanta mission of the early ’90’s who, everyday at lunch when they returned to their apartment, took off his clothes down to his undies and sat in a recliner eating nachos. His mom had shipped him an enormous number 10 can of nacho cheese called Que Bueno! Elder Lybarger thought the little upside down exclamation point before the Q was and “i” and so called his nacho cheese “i Que Bueno.” Dutch tried to explain about the Spanish punctuation with no luck. Elder Lybarger was like, “Duh. No.”

And so that dude ate his nachos in his underoos and then fell asleep in his easy chair, every day. Dutch remembers him fondly. But now he has taken to comparing me to Elder Lybarger, minus the i Que Bueno! Because I am in my underwear and I am falling asleep, and that’s just the way it is.


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