We need Jesus

I’m in a state. I want to curl up in my down comforter and sleep away the summer. I don’t have any excess energy. There is just barely enough in me to slog through the days. And what is wrong with me that I am always tired?

Please note that the first person to tell me that I should stop eating gluten and carbs and sugars and everything good can take a flying leap into hell. 

For real, I will shriek and rip my hair out in clumps if anyone starts telling me that living on salads and nuts and seeds will solve everything. 

In other news, a few very dear friends of mine are facing huge struggles right now, and I feel so much sadness for them, along with a heavy sense of helplessness. Empathy is all I have to offer and it doesn’t feel like enough. 

I’d rather gather up their problems, pack them into a tight clump, and fling them into outer space. 

To quote my friend Chris, who sometimes quotes our friend Jana, “Jesus needs to come.”

We just need Jesus to come back, guys. That’s it.


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