Things people said at book club this week

a) “We need to read something without Nazis in it.”

b) “This month’s book seemed very romance novel-ish at the beginning. So many references to ‘broad-shouldered, narrow-hipped men.'”

c) “Let’s read something uplifting.”

d) “Uplifting isn’t good for discussion.”

e) “Oh come on, The Rosie Project yielded a great discussion.”

f) *nods and murmurs of agreement around the room*

g) “Norwegian by Night was one of the best books we have read. Hands down.”

h) “Agreed.”

i) “Every time I thought life couldn’t get worse for the characters in The Nightingale, it got worse.”

j) “This is what I mean about Nazis.”

k) “Let’s read some classics.”

l) “Yes! How about Dickens?”

m) “Dickens. Suffering. Gah. I don’t know if I can take it.”

n) “Doesn’t have to be Dickens. There are so many great choices.”

o) “If we want happy, let’s read Jane Austen. Everyone gets married in the end.”

p) “Ann Patchett’s Bel Canto?”

q) “George Eliot’s Middlemarch?”

r) “We ought to do some Young Adult lit. The Fault in Our Stars?

s) “Yes. YA is great. Remember how much we loved Wonder?”

t) “Even that had Nazis in it.”

u) *sad realization by everyone that Nazis permeate our book choices.*

v) “I Loved¬†The Hiding Place.”

w) “An amazing book. Again, Nazis.”

x) *sighs*

y) “I have a crazy idea. Let’s all bring a book—the best book we can find—to our next meeting. We can review them for each other. It will be a deep pool of possible candidates.”

z) “You are a genius.”

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