Post-modern, Post-weekend Tiny Letters

Dear Three-Year-Old,

I have fetched your drink, fixed your blankets, tucked you in eight times, and the screaming continues.

I am now recusing myself from this situation.


Dear Canyon,

Thank you for being cool and drizzly tonight, and for the smell of rain falling on grass.


Dear Book that I am Reading,

You, The God Who Weeps, are perfectly wise and insightful. I’m mulling you over.


Dear Summer,

You felt like fall sometimes this week, and I liked it.


Dear Cherry Coke,

It’s nice being back together with you. Rock on, sister.


Dear Jack,

Another weekend done. We did it, with only a moderate dusting of Frosted Flakes everywhere in the entire house. And the melted Popsicles I found under the table and beside the toy bin. Also the poo bath and the endless cheese consumption. Anyway, we still did it. Yay, us.


Dear Children Who Didn’t Want to Go to Church Today and Made a Giant Stink About It,

Sorry peeps. Parents win.


Dear Anxiety,

Don’t you have a vacation you need to be taking in some national park somewhere? Or a beach you need to spend several months on? Far away from my children? #goaway


Dear Bedtime,

You are gorgeous and I love you.




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