You’re Not the Boss of Me

It’s a strange thing to go from straight up motherhood 24/7 to jumping back into work part time. It’s surprising in a couple of ways.

For instance, I’ve always felt that I should be THE expert on raising my children, because I am their mother and they are my children. If anyone knows them intimately and pervasively, it’s me.

And yet, being a mom involves people NOT listening to you a good deal of the time. Children of all ilks come with a will and ideas and a personality, so good luck being the boss of them. My children are particularly enigmatic, which has shown me that “mastering” parenthood is kind of a ridiculous notion.

After a luxurious child-rearing hiatus of fourteen years (hahahahaha), I’m teaching a couple of university classes again, and these college students, some of whom were born the year I got married, treat me like I am a true authority on the subject of writing. I AM the boss of them, and they are down with it.

Life hides bits of irony around corners and sometimes it pops up to surprise you.

And. They pay you actual money for doing work. Which is the opposite of full-time motherhood.





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