I walked to my car after teaching my classes this morning through dappled sunlight and shade, and I thought:

A) Going to work is SO MUCH EASIER than raising children at home. The end.

B) Teaching part time is fun.

C) I can’t tell if I am a good teacher yet. I’m still finding my rhythm.

D) Attending meetings about sixth-grade special-needs kids (i.e. mine) who attack bus drivers and aides, teachers, and other students at school is pure delight. Actually, it’s the opposite of that.

E) I’m starting to feel done in by the mental and behavioral issues everywhere. 

F) I’m back on my book addiction, scraping through life, one literary hit at a time.

G) I love Beethoven, who often accompanies me to campus at 6:00 am.

H) One of the best parts of driving in the morning dark is seeing this tableau: mountains backlit with deep blue, a sliver of a crescent moon and a bright star up above.

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