Not THAT kind of a blog

I sat in a tiny waiting room the other night with three moms as we waited for our children to finish social skills class. 

One of the unexpected perks of special-needs parenting is meeting women who are sassy, hilarious, tough, genuine, and stripped of pretension by the crucible of raising our unusual children.

There is an instant rapport in many cases amid fellow foot soldier moms who are holding fort in the trenches, as one does when autism happens. 

As I introduced myself to two of the newer moms, my friend Jess told them, “She has a blog.”

“It’s not THAT kind of blog,” I quickly added. I always feel that when the subject of blogs comes up, I must qualify that mine is not a lifestyle blog steeped in FANCY.

“It’s a blog about special-needs parenting,” I said. “Not the sort of blog where I do things like post photos of my insanely gorgeous laundry room.”

At which point, Jess leaned over and trilled in a sing-song voice, “I keep pods in a jar!!!” 

And we all died laughing.

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