My luck has held for the eleven weeks that school has been in session. I haven’t gotten sick.

Until now.

It was inevitable and I’m accepting it. So I am listening to Christmas songs (don’t care, Grinches) wrapped in a quilt, popping ibuprofen, grading papers, and kissing the four-year-old who keeps climbing into my lap. November is my favorite because it gives credence to sitting around with mugs of hot cocoa and chunky wool socks because, dude, it is blustery and cold out.

November is when fall is fading and winter still seems exciting.

My baby, who, incidentally, we call Baby, turned four yesterday, which meant there was cake for the family and cupcakes for the preschool class. It also meant that there was cake and frosting all over my house. My boys are united in their jubilation over cake. They are my children, for sure.

This week I am feeling:

  1. Grateful that Baby lived four years ago through his premature delivery and ambulance transfer to a bigger hospital and life in the NICU for his first month on earth. I am so glad he is here, a spot of bright sunshine in our family.
  2. Glad I am not one day postpartum after the pregnancy from heck. So. Very. Glad.
  3. Happy that Jack is happy of late. When Jack is happy, everybody’s happy.
  4. Like my throat is on fire and my body is one big ache, swathed in sweats.
  5. That people need to take sick days when they are sick, instead of pushing through and going to work or school. They think they are being brave and good, but really they are infecting the rest of the world and keeping themselves from the rest they need to get better.
  6. Loved. Two of my neighbors (one a long-time friend and one I don’t know well) brought me a box of fresh doughnuts and a homemade raspberry pie this week, respectively. People are kind and amazing and I love them.
  7. Thankful. Generally, for everything. All of it. Jeff. Books. Friends. Naps. Cool weather and a cozy house. My unique children. That sometimes, for a few minutes, we get a handle on the disabilities and life hums along in a pretty okay sort of way.

Mmmm, November. Yes. I approve.


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