Last month I forgot to go to Jack’s IEP meeting at the school. IEP’s happen once a year and are a pretty big deal. Missing them when you are THE MOM and there are roughly 10 school teachers and support staff there waiting for you is a bad idea. This is Exhibit A.

Exhibit B is Charlie’s parent teacher conference that I forgot to attend the other day. I actually remembered it, but Dutch was working late and I had no respite sitter for Jack. But then I forgot to call the school and let the teacher know I wouldn’t be there. Slow claps for me.

Exhibit C is the School Community Council meeting I spaced, until the school secretary called me while I was grocery shopping and asked if I was coming. Bravo me!

Exhibit D is yesterday. Truman had a GI appointment that we’ve had scheduled for weeks. I reminded myself about it several times. It was in my phone, on my calendar. I told people we were going to this appointment. But yesterday morning, I didn’t remember it until a couple of hours after the fact, which is why my brain seems to have gone walkabout.

What the H, brain?

It’s like there is too much information crammed into my life to process. I can’t fit anything more in my head, so obviously things are now quietly slipping away.

Also, I’ve gone from only being able to read Game of Thrones to not being able to read anything. I can’t focus on ANYTHING.

Pretty sure I need one of the following:

  1. A vacation
  2. An assistant
  3. A daily delivery of some homemade brothy soup with crusty bread on the side. And a salad with pears and grapes and goat cheese that I didn’t have to make. I’m not sure how this would help my organization, but I would just really like it.
  4. Also, Zupas needs to get a drive-through window. This is neither here nor there either, but maybe if I put it out there enough, the universe will make it happen.


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