Jack’s Bouncer

Jack has a new ABA therapist, who happens to be a dude. We have wanted a man to work with Jack for some time now, someone who is big and able to deflect hitting and biting. We’ve also needed someone strong enough to restrain Jack if he decides to go ballistic in the car. 

We finally found Jack his own bouncer.

The new guy means that Jack can go places now, because there is someone better equipped than me to handle any potential freak-out moments. Irony is the fact that Jack never seems to try any monkey business in the car now. He seems to just know that he won’t win if there are any battles.

It’s freeing. It’s also busier. We are keeping Jack happy and we are doing it by working in tandem to keep Jack constantly moving and constantly busy.

Jack and I both fall into our respective beds exhausted after four hours of therapy every afternoon.

I feel like this sounds like I am complaining. Really, I’m grateful. Also tired.

I’m so happy that Jack’s world has expanded again beyond school and the confines of our house, especially throughout the long winter. I’m grateful he can explore and experience things. I’m grateful to not be afraid of attacks on myself or anyone else when I drive my children places. I’m happy that Jack is happy.

Having this help is a gift.

It takes some getting used to though, having a really big non-relative man hanging out with us for four hours a day. 

It’s a funny thing to always have people here. Sitters, therapists, a support coordinator, a behaviorist. I know that it takes a village to raise a child.

Sometimes it feels like the whole village is at my house.

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