Winter Weekends Are…

A) Spilled cereal on the floor and the counter. Jack eats every marshmallow from the Lucky Charms and tosses the rest around the kitchen. Dross!

B) Chocolate smeared on the couch.

C) Charlie asking me 1400 times if I think Darth Vader/Kylo Ren/storm troopers/Han Solo/Chewbacca/Yoda are cool, and if so, why.

D) Dutch and me hiding in the laundry room to drink our daily sodas, else they’re commandeered by Jack.

E) Me wondering if I complain too much on the blog.

F) Pen marks in long, slashing motions all over the couch.

G) Jack falling asleep on the couch and wetting himself and it.

H) Me wondering how to make the couch go away.

I) Splitting up to manage both church and the family Super Bowl viewing party. “Normalcy” at the cost of the normal family Sunday.

J) So much urine laundry. So. Much.

K) Me having great writing ideas while I’m cleaning up messes or handling children and their anxiety meltdowns.

L) Me forgetting all writing ideas when everyone is asleep and I’m ready to write.

M) Charlie wanting to know why Darth Vader has buttons on his chest and why BB8 has an antenna.

N) Henry wondering what there is to eat in the house #bottomlesspit #teen

O) Dutch fixing plumbing issues because the house turned fifteen years old and it appears all the plumbing had a staff meeting and decided to break.

P) Dutch and me taking Jack on rides for fries, simply so Jack can leave the house.

Q) Sweeping.

R) Mopping.

S) Boys playing video games.

T) Praying for energy.

U) Playing Be Still My Soul on the piano.

V) Thinking about naps.

W) Thinking about spring.

X) Thinking about vacations.

Y) Bathing boys.

Z) Appreciating the white horizon. Snowy mountains. Long shadows. Glinting sun.


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