Jack Goes to the Dentist

We took Jack to the children’s hospital dental clinic today. It went well for a number of reasons:

a) We have a handicap parking tag and parked literally ten steps from the hospital door. Less time for Jack to panic and less opportunity for him to accidentally run into the path of a car.

b) I had help getting Jack into the elevator (he finds them scary).

c) The staff at the dental clinic are perfectly fabulous about understanding and helping a nonverbal child with sensory/behavior issues and intellectual disabilities. PERFECTLY FABULOUS, YOU GUYS. They act like it’s no big deal. They’re patient and flexible. They find solutions to problems and don’t make us feel like weirdos. This is why I love them.

d) Dr. Kristy told us Jack didn’t need to be sedated this year for a cleaning. She examined his teeth and, with four people assisting, varnished them with fluoride.

e) Jack had taken a long morning nap on the couch before the appointment. There wasn’t any school today and Jack spent it the way parents can only dream of spending a Monday when the kids are home. He was pretty darn relaxed.

So I’m taking a moment to celebrate the fact that Jack doesn’t need to go to the OR for sedation dentistry.

And Downton Abbey ended and I loved it.

And tomorrow is going to be great.


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