Spinning threads

Jack’s new man therapist is revolutionizing things.

He rides along to the appointments at the university, which means I don’t have to fear for my life when I drive Jack to see his specialists and Jeff doesn’t have to take a day off work to be the car bouncer.

Jack is tired from walking, bowling, and swimming every afternoon and falls asleep an hour earlier at night. He’s busy doing fun, engaging things, so he is distracted from eating constantly.

We are able to leave the house and go places.

Jack is doing his work without fuss. Well, sometimes he makes a fuss. Nobody’s perfect.

But he is vocalizing more and is generally happier.

And we are taking care not to overwork Jacky’s feet and legs so as to prevent relapses with the non walking.

Once again, yay us. Yay new man therapist.

Sometimes all the threads I’m holding and spinning come together briefly. Occasionally I inwardly glimpse a life with more calm and less chaos. I really do believe that one glorious day I’ll see the pattern of our experiences woven purposefully together.

Jack will be complete and I will have a perfect understanding.

I needed to write this down so I can revisit it when the threads I’m holding are snapped, frayed, and unraveling.

It’s written now, so I can return to it.


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