Things people have said to me, of late

  1. Five-year-old boy in Primary, in the class I was sitting with for crowd-control during Sharing Time: “I. Want. OUT OF HERE.” To wit, I felt exactly the same way.
  2. Student whose brother died unexpectedly the second week of the semester: “I would never have made it through this semester if it weren’t for you.” Nobody ever talks about adjuncting as the Best Gig Ever, but, you guys, turns out it actually is.
  3. Eight-year-old Charlie: “You are in charge because you are the mom.” At last, validation.
  4. Dutch, when he returned from a fourteen-hour day with the big-time corporate muckety-mucks who flew into town for schmooze and training: “I brought you leftover gourmet pizza.”
  5. My neighbor, Chris, when she walked by as I was trying (failing) to get a certain four-year-old to come inside for bed yesterday evening, and she offered to snatch him when he ran away from me and past her: “This is SO NOT the weirdest thing anyone has ever asked me to do.” She was a rescue ninja because my children a) do not listen to me, and b) have impressive wills, which bodes well for their future success and ability to avoid peer pressure, but currently makes them jerks.
  6. Me, to myself, after a person on the phone from the insurance company, who has never met me, said that I am an inadequate parent who simply wants constant babysitting for my disabled son because I don’t know how to handle him myself: “That wet cow-pie of a rant would only hurt if I believed it were remotely true. It isn’t true and God knows it isn’t true. I am doing my level best, which is a lot harder than sitting on a phone in an office where a mentally-disabled eleven-year-old isn’t attacking you, and talk trash about someone raising a person with special-needs.” If I’d had a mic, I would’ve dropped it.
  7. My friend Jana, with conviction, when she asked about my Patriarchal Blessing and I told her some of what it says: “You didn’t want some patsy life.” This may be my favorite thing anyone has ever said to me.

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