Early Morning Sedation

Getting up at 4:00 AM makes one see the world differently.

You get to see the neighborhood quiet and still. The mountains are purple, with pink clouds and lavender skies. Lights dot the valley and foothills. There aren’t even any runners out at this hour. Yet, like us, people are driving places. Americans are entirely too busy.

We loaded a sleepy Jack and his vacuum into the car long before daylight today. He is currently sedated for an MRI and dental work.

We arrived early. Just a few hospital staff and construction workers were around. Hospitals never sleep, but the Children’s Procedural Center looked like this this morning.

Jack wheeled his vacuum through check-in, the vital sign check point, the pre-sedation room, and into the anesthesiologist’s cubby where the doctor with the handlebar mustache put a root-beer flavored mask on Jack’s nose and mouth.

People are charmed by Jack’s red hair, his green eyes, his smile and deep teenage-ery chuckles, and by his vacuum. It’s like a pet. Or his baby. He sleeps with it. It rides with him in the car. He takes it to camp. And it goes to the children’s hospital with him.

I have a lot of love for people who go to work in the dark, when it still feels like the middle of the night. Every person who saw Jack this morning treated him with gentleness. They saw Jack. They got it. 

People are good and Jack brings out all the sweetness.

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