I woke up yesterday with hives.

According to the dermatologist’s office, it’s a reaction to…something. We don’t know what. Something environmental. The nurse told me she once had hives for a week with absolutely no understandable cause, so good job keeping things mysterious, hives.

They are profuse on my back and belly, legs, arms, scalp, ears, everywhere. They are everywhere. And they itch.

When I first saw the raised welts, I thought, “the term ‘hives’ must refer to the raised look of a beehive.” But now I think the term comes from the buzzing, horrid discomfort one feels when one has hives.

I am buzzing like a bee, and not in a lazy, lovely summer day sort of way. More like a half-crazed bee trying to escape a closed window sort of way.

So I don’t know what caused them and despite antihistamines and cortisone, for now I can’t do much about them. And Jack is having one of those weekends, so that’s what’s happening.

Have you ever wanted to unzip your life and shed it like a skin? Just for a little while?



P.S. The after hours clinic hooked me up with a steroid shot tonight. The hives are being banished and I’ll keep singing my little ditty about better living through chemistry.

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