A little bird told me

I’ve been having these little thoughts that Jeff and I should read scriptures with Henry in the morning before school. Mornings are insane, and he’s hard to drag out of bed, so I wasn’t sure this idea would really work. Also, Jack usually poops in his room and generates tons of pee laundry, and tries to flush toys and toothbrushes down the toilet. So in addition to making breakfast (teen boys needs eggs and such), Jack is a full time job. But I kept getting those nudges.

I felt that the spirit was telling me to wake Jack up like ten or so minutes before he normally wakes up, thus heading off the poop, while simultaneously giving Jeff and me time to read a few versus with H. Yes, there is still breakfast cooking and Jack’s meds to prepare, but this slight revision of the morning schedule just may be the answer.

It worked today, beautifully.

One of the reasons we don’t read scriptures as a family is because 2-3 children are screaming and not understanding and not focusing and running around, and generally behaving like they have autism. This is because they do, in fact, have autism.

If we read a single verse, Charlie asks 17,000 unrelated questions and Truman is talking about pipe and sewer systems and Jack is shredding papers and cramming them into the heat vents, while deboning my laptop charging cable. Reading scriptures with my boys feels like opening a window to release a trapped bird into the outdoors, but instead of flying away, the bird panics and flies directly into your face with frantic wing-flapping and squawking, while its nasty little bird legs claw at your eyeballs. So ultra instructive is our family scripture study.


But we can begin with Henry. I’m all over heading Jack’s morning antics off with gospel study that he didn’t even see coming. We can add in the other boys once we get this working.

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