Day in the life

It has snowed off and on throughout the day.

I swept the floor.

The boys went back to school following the break.

I talked to Jack’s support coordinator.

I did the paperwork for Jack’s new respite people.

I prepped my ENGL 1010 lesson.

I responded to email.

I made my bed.

I did laundry.

I finished baking the peanut butter cookie dough that was left over in the fridge.

I finished up the Christmas cards.

I did the dishes, twice.

I sat by the fire for ten minutes.

I gave Truman a bath, for the express purpose of letting him play with the colander in the running water.

The bus brought the boys home.

I texted the carpool moms for Henry’s basketball practice.

I ate two warm PB cookies with a mug of cold milk.

I picked up random vacuum parts from around the house.

I thought about the way my life has changed in the last five years. I thought about the four boys and the multiple diagnoses and the place we are now versus where we were then. I thought about ABA therapy, respite care, my writing classes, our improved sense of well-being.

Things have not gotten easier with my children. In many ways, the older they get, the more complex they become. What has changed is our anxiety level. And our ability to trust in the process of finding solutions to our child-related problems.

I have more faith.

This is a good change.


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