Reasons Why I’m Glad it isn’t Five Years Ago

  1. This morning I did NOT wake up at 3:00 am, a split second before my water broke, 6 weeks before my due date.
  2. Because I am NOT pregnant.
  3. Nor am I about to begin labor. Sing praises!
  4. I did NOT drive myself to the hospital nor check myself in at labor and delivery while Jeff got everyone off to school.
  5. Today I did NOT give birth to a preemie, who had to be transported to a bigger hospital.
  6. I didn’t hang out at a separate hospital from my baby for the better part of a week.
  7. This November 3rd, I didn’t have to divide my time between my baby in the NICU and the rest of the guys at home 45 minutes away.
  8. Instead, I wrapped presents and bought a cake.
  9. And treats for the preschool class.
  10. I smiled at my littlest boy, who once lived in the NICU for a month as he learned how to first breathe, and then eat without falling asleep (I have never had this problem).
  11. He isn’t a baby anymore.
  12. He’s building elaborate forts, train tracks, and pipe systems.
  13. He’s matching things and practicing sitting on the potty with the help of Hannah, his ABA therapist.
  14. He’s a smart, fast little talker who knows exactly what he wants.
  15. I’m glad it’s not 2011, because in 2016, Truman is five. And five is good.


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