Awfully Monday-ish

There is something awfully Monday-ish about a Monday in winter when it’s grey outside and the house has exploded after Jack’s weekend of discontent and I have piles of things to do for my classes and managing Jack’s support services.

My relief at seeing the boys get on the bus of a Monday morning is as great as my sense of I’ll-never-get-everything-done-before-the-bus-brings-them-back. And Jack left a steaming pile of you know what in his bedroom for me to find later.

The only reason I am writing on a Monday afternoon, an hour-ish before the boys return is because of Jeff.

He cleaned up the steaming pile. He scanned all the support services documents and printed them off and cross-checked them. He saved this grey Monday.

I’m glad that if it has to be winter today, at least it’s December.

And that we have a bus that provides front door service for the two middle boys.

And that we are all healthy at this moment.



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