A Measure of Healing

Jack has gone from deeply-irritable/house-trashing/angsty-angry to content and exceptionally happy. Just like that, he is so much better.

Last Sunday, in desperation, we asked our home teacher, Ray, to help Jeff give him a healing blessing. Healing for what, you might ask? Well we didn’t really know. Healing from anger and violence and destruction. Healing from autism and developmental delay and Macrocephaly–Capillary Malformation. I don’t know. Just healing.

We had been in such a state of horror for so many consecutive days. We had no other options, other than driving him to the neuro-psychiatric institute again (no thanks). So I held Jack, the size of a small pony, on my lap and they administered the blessing. Despite my hugs and squeezes, he squirmed and tried to get away, but only for show. If he really wanted to get away, I couldn’t have stopped him.

The next day, Jack was well-behaved, for the most part. The rest of the week, Jack was happy. When he wasn’t happy, he wasn’t entirely angry. He lunged at people a few times, but never actually whacked them. The shredding of the house mostly stopped. He was more willing to help when we asked him to do his chores. He laughed and chirped a fair amount, too.

Was it the blessing? I think it was. Will he stay this way? I don’t think so. But when we asked for some measure of healing, God said, “okay.” This makes me hopeful for future bailouts from our darkest hours.

In other news, I have been less bothered, of late, by January and by the utilitarian (purely functional/not pretty) aspects of much of our house. I attribute this to the new, long-term vision I have for my life. I feel that I am looking at things differently. I’m beginning to appreciate the speed at which things move and the cyclical nature of life. Sometimes it’s good. Sometimes it’s repetitive. Sometimes it’s just awful. It keeps changing, which is better than moldering and stagnating.

There’s always something new.



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