A New Day

I have calmed down considerably. The guys and I had a good night’s sleep, and I woke up refreshed enough to clean up the ten thousand diapers, five thousand hangers, and all the clothing from the entire closet that Jack and Truman shoved under the bed, behind the bed, on top of the bed, and next to the bed last night before bedtime.

Children shredding a room does offer the silver lining of allowing you to clean the shiz out of it, rather than simply tidying. I stripped the room to its bare bones, tossing a good amount, donating a bunch, laundering a lot, and simplifying the room even more.

I have the boys quilts drying outside which means they will smell like heaven. I have my window open a little, meaning I’m inhaling whiffs of heaven. Spring feels close, though it’s going to snow this week.

Jack is feeling better, because this is day four of his antibiotic. And Junior took them all to the park, so I am going to get on my knees now and give thanks.

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