Reflections on Getting Away

  1. Taking care of myself in a physical sense is easy on vacation. It just is. I have worked out every day and my back and hip are thanking me.
  2. I can sleep like a teenager, despite being an old person comparatively speaking.
  3. At times, I’ll think of what the boys are doing at any given time. But I’m relaxed because I don’t have to make it happen. It’s a kind of muscle memory, I guess, keeping track of everyone’s schedules even when I’m removed from them.
  4. I don’t care about publication, at all. I don’t care about home renovation. I don’t care about exotic vacations. Which isn’t to say that those things are wrong to care about. I just personally do not care about them. Are you depressed, you might ask, since you claim not to care? Here’s the thing: I am not depressed. I feel peaceful. Even. Happy and calm. I feel good.
  5. What do I care about? Teaching. My children. Jeff. Taking care of my core (never thought I would utter that phrase). Asking God what He wants me to do, and then doing it. If that sounds self-righteous, that’s not my intention. This is how I feel, and I like it.

I think this might be balance.

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