Things That Happened This Week

  1. It snowed, a bunch.
  2. I ate Cafe Rio with Jeff. We do lunch dates now.
  3. The physical therapist went from fixing my back to fixing my neck and now my knee, which is caused by my hip. Srsly tho.
  4. Jeff and I joined a gym, a previously impossible thing, now possible thanks to miracles.
  5. A person from the school warned me that Jack would likely be suspended from school because of behaviors.
  6. Jack was suspended from school because of behaviors.
  7. I lost a bunch of sleep over this development.
  8. I wrote a frustrated essay about why my nonverbal, disabled son being sent home from his special-needs school for being a person with special needs and related challenges is ridiculous.
  9. I showed it only to my writing group, who gasped, groaned, and laughed in all the right places.
  10. I had 700 conversations with the psychiatrist’s office, the university’s neuro-psychiatric hospital, the school, myself (in my head), Jeff, and God about the developments of the week.
  11. Jack went back to school the next day and was, according to his teacher, basically a peach.
  12. Henry made dinner one night, under duress. It was pancakes and sausage. He’s learning to do things, because I am teaching him to fish instead of giving him fish.
  13. Truman wore a pull-up that stayed dry, two consecutive days. Today, he’s in undies, and they are dry. And when he does a number two in the potty, he gets to buy a kid’s tool bench. This is big. Very big.
  14. It’s not a three-day weekend. This is good news for all the special-needs moms and dads out there.

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  2 comments for “Things That Happened This Week

  1. Neill F. Marriott
    February 26, 2017 at 1:33 pm

    Dear Megan, I have the privilege of visiting teaching your wonderful mom. She mentioned that you had a blog and i immediately wanted to read it, though I read blogs about once a year — I’m a digital avoider. However, the quick response in my heart sent me to your blog and I’m am undone. You truly open a door to your soul as you write and I’m hard pressed to stop the tears as i read. Thank you for your gritty, tender, honest sharing. Love, Neill Marriott

  2. February 27, 2017 at 1:57 pm

    Go Truman Go!!!!!!!!

    #9 – heart it

    #4 – I miss gym time with my husband… for every thing there is a season

    #3 – gurrrl: your hip and my jaw could be friends. My jaw is the nemesis for all things in my body. I’m glad you have PT

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