The strangest thing has happened to me.

I am really excited about working out. I go to the gym almost every day, and I do it without any sense of dread. It’s enjoyable. I look forward to it. I think my body is thanking me for moving it more. I feel better than I have felt in a long time, despite being old and lumpy.

This is why you should never say things like, “I hate exercise.” Because one day you will go to physical therapy for a back and hip problem, and you will figure out that being strong feels better than being weak, even though it requires a good deal of effort to be that way. Now I see why people go to the gym or run or play sports.

Once you have pushed through the initial sluggishness of inertia and the subsequent pain of working your dormant muscles again, you will feel so. much. better. This has been my experience.

And I am eating my prior words. I hated exercise. I loathed the culture of extreme fitness. I judged people who wore their activewear everywhere.

But now I see it. They’re moving because it feels better. There’s no more judgement. I understand.

This is possibly a life lesson I should’ve generalized a long time ago—not judging things I don’t have much experience with.

Also, I really need to stop saying never.

I once said I would never have a blog. I declared it. I stood by it. Until I started a blog. And five plus years later…

I also said I would never get married before age 25. I got married at 20.

Adamant declarations clearly don’t work out for me.

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