Random Spring Things

  • I have a sinus infection and so does Jeff. His voice sounds fine. Mine sounds like I’ve been smoking for the past 32 years. We are both on the same antibiotic. We are both lethargic. The good news is, Jack has his day program today and Sunday, which means we were able to spend some quality time at the InstaCare and the pharmacy this afternoon. It all evens out—both caregivers got sick, but we have some help in the wings and thus we are managing.


  • Jack’s hair has grown out into wild red curls. It’s a very shaggy haircut that makes him looks endearingly like a teen with big hair. Jeff thinks he looks like an orphan. I think he looks charming.


  • I am on a young adult fiction kick at this point in time. I can’t stop devouring it. Stargirl, Seraphina (and it’s sequel Shadow Scale), The Storyspinner, Pax (one of the most beautifully designed books I have ever read), with The Thing About Jellyfish, Death Coming Up the Hill, and The Skylighter next in line. Why is it that when you are sometimes tired of all the books, a new genre makes everything new and perfect? If you have other delightful YA finds to recommend, please send them my way in the form of a comment. I will love you for it.


  • I took my littlest boys to Beauty and the Beast this weekend, which turned into an exercise in How to Keep Truman Quiet and (Relatively) Still. He took off his shoes. He dropped his Skittles. He moved to the empty row in front of us and rocked the seats back and forth. He sat on the lighted steps. He moved to the empty row behind us and leaned over the seats, stage whispering to me. He told me he wished I had brought him a blanket. He sat on my lap and WIGGLED. At the very, very end of the movie, he somehow decided to sit quietly and watch, not moving, entranced. Charlie, on the other hand, did a frantic potty dance at this moment and dragged us both from the theater in the happily-ever-after moments before the movie ended. What I mean to say by all this is, I will need to see it again.


  • Spring is rather brown here, but it has the loveliest, earthiest smell. It’s the smell, I think, that makes the end of winter the very best. And no coats, even when it’s cold. That part is refreshing, too.




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