Things that Irritate, Things that Replenish

Things that irritate me:

  1. Flowery posts and memes about “My daughter is my best friend,” or “God loves me so he gave me a daughter.” It feels exclusionary, like you’re not a real woman unless you have a daughter to complete you, or God doesn’t actually care about you since, you know, no daughter. Am I overly sensitive that this annoys me? I have sons, and only sons. This doesn’t seem like it should be a strike against me. Like if you can’t shop for dainty, feminine baby clothes, your life is lacking? You will never know true joy? I just don’t buy it. Also, no where is it written that only girl children can fulfill one’s life purpose, though the internet seems to enjoy perpetuating this myth. To be clear, I’m happy that moms love and celebrate their daughters. Now pardon me while I go online and buy one of those #momofboys t-shirts, take a selfie while wearing it, and PASTE my image on social media. It’s my own little resistance. Contrarians have to push back somewhere, somehow.
  2. The parental travail that is Boy Scouts. Ugh. Make it stop. When a boy gets an Eagle, it 90% shows his parents spent WAY TOO MUCH time and energy hounding their son about completing merit badges (and driving him hither and yon to all manner of merit badge classes at 8:00 am on Saturday mornings), 10% that the boy actually cared about it and learned from it. This has been my experience and I am ready to go on a speaking tour around the nation, clarifying these points to prospective scouting parents. Just kidding, I’m going to remind my son for the 87th time that he needs to get out my recipes and create a grocery list so he can earn his cooking merit badge, which he has no interest in doing. Then I’m going to take him to the store and supervise the cooking. We may complete this requirement in three years time, pending attitude problems (his and mine).
  3. Terrorists. For heaven’s sake, does the world not already have enough problems with mental illness and starvation and substance abuse and natural disasters and cancer and illiteracy and dysfunctional families? Now we need to invent tragedy and heartache out of nothing but deranged hate? #NottodaySatan. I rebuke you. You will rue the day. I will love my neighbors and my family and people who voted opposite of my beliefs and people who worship differently or who don’t worship at all.
  4. That Jack has no regard for the sanctity of hand soap. We can’t keep it in the house. His favorite pastime is opening a new bottle and pouring it down the drain, and then repeating this throughout the house. It’s irrational how infuriating this is to me. WE JUST WANT TO WASH OUR HANDS, JACK. The end.
  5. When people go online with lengthy posts about how annoying something is. Oh wait…

Things that Replenish Me:

  1. Writing.
  2. Writing Group Thing.
  3. Working out. I became one of those people.
  4. Seeing my children grow and learn.
  5. Movie dates with Jeff.
  6. Praying in my car while watching birds fly in formation from the fields into the sky, against the backdrop of the mountains.
  7. Books.
  8. Bedtime, and a clean kitchen.
  9. Teaching.
  10. Achieving an occasional deep-seated sense of rightness, of peace, of equilibrium with myself and my outer life.

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