We Aren’t So Bourgeois

It’s Spring Break, and because we have rallied our army of blessed helpers, we got to leave town for a road trip with our other boys. It’s what half the population does during school breaks, but to us it feels quite remarkable. I always think a succession of thoughts when we are able to manage a break like this:

*I can’t believe the stars and the helpers all aligned.

*I can’t believe we made it happen. We really left town.

*I hope Jack will be happy at home. And stay healthy.

*I hope Jack will behave reasonably well and be nice to his people.

We are not so proficient at planning inventive vacations. That got lost in the years of not vacationing because Jack couldn’t do it. Nevertheless, we are content with simplicity.

We aren’t so bourgeois. We are vacation greenhorns. It’s okay. I’m just glad we get to attempt it periodically.

There will probably always be some inward conflict on my part when we leave. Our family vacations aren’t with the entire family. There is a little bit of sadness in the reality of planning for caregivers while the rest of us plan to get away for a few days. Then my emotional pendulum swings back to astonishment and gladness.

Our regular days and our getaways don’t look like other people’s.

This doesn’t bother me so much anymore.

We aren’t other people. We are us.

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