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  1. Sandy Reddish
    December 20, 2017 at 1:27 pm

    I am so sorry things are so difficult with your son right now, that is a heavy and difficult trial to bear. I work as a SLP with special needs children and have three of my own, some of which have struggled severely with behavior problems. I will pray for your family. I will hope you are able to find the help he needs and will find the answers you need regarding his care and what will work for him. I wondered if you have every heard of a communication approach I recently heard about. I am very interested in learning more about as some parents are reporting that they were able to communicate so much better with their children using this method. It is called the rapid prompting method or RPM and it uses a simple system to help children learn to communicate with severe autism. I am planning to order the book and to learn more about it myself for two of the severe autistic children I work with. Their website is called : http://www.soma-halo.org.
    I know I do not know your son or his needs, but God does and I pray you will find answers for what will help him in his life and develop self control. I know not being able to communicate is huge for children with autism and thought I would share this new resource I recently found. I am also testing out a device called Touchpoints that are worn like a wrist watch and that help children to calm down, in particular children with ADD/ADHD and Autism. They deliver a nuerological pulse to calm their nuerological response to prevent them from going into ” fight or flight” and calm them down. It has helped my sons with Aspberger’s when he is headed into a meltdown to calm himself more quickly without escalating into a full blowup.
    I hope this does not come across as nosey or condescending, but simply wanted to make you aware of these wo resources I have learned about and that you may want to research for your son. I know there are many different methods and approaches and there is not just one method or therapy approach that always works and that everyone is different.

    May your heart be filled with the peace of our Savior during this difficult Christmas.
    Thank your for your blog and your article on Segullah, it was beautiful and I wholeheartedly agree, the hardest Christmases often become the most Holy and Sacred, it brings us straight to Him.

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