We Got Away

We have gotten away.

The five of us are AWAY for a long weekend in St. George, where it’s warm and sunny. This is what I’ve dreamed of since my dad went on hospice in October. Getting away.


It’s wild to me how a simple change of scenery can shift everything. No snow. No obligations. No people. Nowhere to be. Angst begone.

The five of us doing what we want to do. We brought two gaming systems with us for the boys. There is plenty of lounging around. The pleasantness of sitting outside in the warmth is luxurious.

I’m meeting my dear friend, Lacey, for lunch tomorrow. She moved here last year with her family in order to help her special-needs daughter better cope with the winter months. She took the photo at the top of this blog and is one of those people with an eye for making basically everything beautiful. When we come to St. Geezy, I dream of having her take a current family photo. Then the gloom sets in, because Jack can’t travel with us. Will we ever have the opportunity for a photo shoot with the entire family?

These are the dumb things that plague me.

Meanwhile, we are here, though Jack is not. It is a beautiful place and I’m hopeful for spring and rebirth after a winter of sadness. And I brought three books, so yay.

The little boys want to swim at all times, and Jeff is taking me for tacos tonight at that place we like.

Thank you, God, for this blissful moment.

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