What’s Happening With Jacky

Allow me to update you on Jack and his felony assault charges.

After meeting with the probation officer and communicating with the public defender, we provided both people with Jack’s treatment plan as outlined by his caregivers, with a psychological evaluation done by the state a few years ago, and with a letter from his psychiatrist. The probation officer and the attorney sent these documents, which thoroughly detail Jack’s cognitive state, to the prosecutor and the judge.

The prosecutor then filed a motion to dismiss the charges “in the interest of justice,” which the judge, thankfully, did. The four people who worked on Jack’s case demonstrated a reasonable and refreshing sense of common sense, and they worked together as a team to make this happen. So nobody has to go to court and, based on this experience, I have renewed faith in the judiciary.

We visited Jack earlier this week where we saw his new house (it’s actually brand new and so lovely), his beautiful backyard which abuts a golf course, and a couple of his caregivers. Jack was exceedingly glad to dig into the bag of treats and backyard toys we brought him. He did not want to pose for pictures (ugh, teens). We learned that Jack eats things like oranges as a snack these days (whoa, yay!) and enjoys cat-calling the golfers who tee off just over the low fence from his grassy perch. This image is my favorite.

Jeff and I once again felt a deep-seated feeling of peace and gratitude for the gifts that God has given Jack. He is in such a perfect place and is making steady progress. Since moving to the new house a month ago, his destructive acts and toileting problems have virtually gone away. This is big.

Jack clearly loves one caregiver, his house manager Josh, a great deal. Josh adores Jack and says he makes his job so much fun. According to Josh, the female staffers in the company like to stop by and talk about how stinking cute Jack is. He has a fan club. It is true, though, that Jack is adorable. One of his summer program directors from years past put it this way, “Jack is a model, and he knows it.”

It wasn’t hard to leave Jack this time. He was happy. He was calm. He is in good hands and fulfilling his life’s mission, and I am utterly grateful.

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