Month: February 2019


This is my February piece running over at Segullah today. It’s about cleaning house and getting answers to questions. You know, basic Wednesday stuff.

An Education

Dear Reader, I am going to talk about this blog, my worldview, and wearing pants to the temple. Writing for a nebulous audience has become a particular chore for me, especially since the Coscto Incident of 2017 and the related Internet Skewering Incident (of me) which followed. I used to say that I didn’t care about people’s responses to my…

Listening to My Dreams

My great-grandma Laura Thueson England has been on my mind. This is because I’m becoming mildly obsessed with my departed people and all their glorious foibles. I mean, don’t be alarmed, but the fact is that I descend from Princess Annabella of Scotland (born in 1436 in Holyrood Castle, Midlothian) (stop it. STOP IT.), the daughter of King James Stewart…