A Post, Wherein I Write About Not Writing

I’ve been thinking quite a lot about this blog over the last few weeks of NOT writing in it. My thoughts have included:

  • I am grumpy about this blog.
  • Said grumpiness stems from feeling a sense of duty to write here, when I don’t want to be vulnerable and post things about myself and my family all the time.
  • Also, I am le grump because God told me to have this blog (oh hi, pressure) and it has become a burden to me.
  • Grumpiness aside, I was telling someone I had just met that I write things on my blog. They asked me what I write about, and without missing a beat, I said “special-needs parenting,” which I realized isn’t the complete truth.
  • The special-needs story is part of who I am and what I talk about, but it’s ancillary to the big headline, which is that…
  • My faith has saved me. Also…
  • Jesus saves me daily. And…
  • Jack, Jeff, and my other boys are my cohort of spiritual companions while we sojourn in a mortal realm. So basically…
  • I write about How to Survive Your Life in the sense that you have to find truth and seize hold of it and pursue it through all challenges. In sum…
  • For me and my people, this is the truth: Jesus is the means to spiritual survival, to healing and progress, and to hope which ultimately looks like peace.

After having this realization, I felt two conflicting emotions: 1) relief at overtly acknowledging this, and 2) weighed down by the idea of being that person who always writes about sacred things and spiritual journeys.


That’s where I am, reader. I don’t need reassurance, and I don’t blame you if my tormented introspection is getting you down and if you want to go somewhere else to read really anything else. I get it.

I’ve stepped away from writing, my mind and laptop lying fallow for a time.

And I’m still in this dormant phase, apparently, because this post does not contain a brilliant story or insight for your reading pleasure.

It’s just me checking in and being real, even that means I’m real boring.

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