Dear Reader,

Hello you. Thanks for popping in. You’re wondering who I am, so let me attempt to tell you.

I write, which means I observe. I am a minimalist who rejects unnecessary things. Life has taught me to seek the streamlined.

I teach college writing. I have been married twenty-one years to Jeff, also known as Dutch (a weird pseudonym he gave himself and which I happily snatched up).

My most consuming role is as a special-needs mother. Three of my four sons have special needs; four of the four have lots of opinions. Yay, opinions!

My second son, Jack, has Macrocephaly Capillary Malformation Syndrome, or M-CM. In addition to some physical differences, the hallmark of this rare condition is significant cognitive impairment. He is nonverbal and has autism. He lives in a group home in a small town a few hours from our family home.

Our third son, Charlie, also has autism. He is high-functioning, verbal, and has anxiety. He is a history aficionado and can tell you every single thing you never knew you needed to know about Nazi-occupied Europe in World War II, Abraham Lincoln’s assassination, and other intriguing historical facts.

Truman, the baby who is now a first-grader has high-functioning autism, loves Minecraft and chicken nuggets, and essentially has my same personality so watch out.

Henry, our first-born, deserves heaps of praise for being a helpful and exemplary brother. He leads the way and is a total keeper.

This blog is the story of my real life. You can’t make this stuff up.

Also, I write about (a lot) about faith, and wax poetic about Jesus, because he is why I am still alive.



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