Dear Reader,

Hello you. Thanks for popping in. You’re wondering who I am, so let me attempt to tell you.

I write, which means I observe. I am a minimalist who rejects unnecessary things. Life has taught me to seek the streamlined.

I teach college writing. I have been married twenty years to Jeff, also known as Dutch (a weird pseudonym he gave himself and which I happily snatched up).

My most consuming role is as a special-needs mother. Three of my four sons have special needs; four of the four have lots of opinions. Yay, opinions!

My second son, Jack, has Macrocephaly Capillary Malformation Syndrome, or M-CM. In addition to some physical differences, the hallmark of this rare condition is significant cognitive impairment. He is nonverbal and has autism. He lives in a group home in a small town a couple of hours from our family home.

Our third son, Charlie, also has autism. He is high-functioning, verbal, and has anxiety. He is a history aficionado and can tell you every single thing you never knew you needed to know about Nazi-occupied Europe in World War II, Abraham Lincoln’s assassination, and other intriguing historical facts.

Truman, the baby (also known as Baby, despite the fact he’s in elementary school now, haha) has high-functioning autism, a deep fascination with pipes and sprinklers, and essentially my same personality so watch out.

Henry, our first-born, deserves heaps of praise for being a helpful and exemplary brother. He leads the way and is a total keeper.

This blog is the story of my real life. You can’t make this stuff up.

Also, I write about (a lot) about faith, and wax poetic about Jesus, because he is why I am still alive.



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